Christel Vincent

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, BA, MS

Are you at a crossroads in your relationship? Have you been fighting the same battles over and over again? Are you emotionally exhausted and unsure what to do next? Do you feel disconnected, angry, hurt or lonely? Are you struggling to communicate and in need of a neutral and safe place to share what’s on your mind? If so, couples therapy may be the answer.

I have a passion for working with couples. Whether you know what your next move is or you are still trying to figure it out, therapy may help. I have a special interest in working with couples who struggle with communication, conflict management, infidelity, infertility, pregnancy and infant loss, birth trauma and the transition to parenthood.

Did you know that one of the biggest predictors of success in therapy is the relationship between a therapist and client? Finding a therapist that “feels” right is essential. Call me today for your free initial phone consultation.