April Watson

Licensed Clinical Therapist

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read about my practice. I am a licensed psychotherapist  in Las Vegas, Nevada with 10 years of professional and related work experience. I have found success working with a variety of clients (clients are individuals  identifying at any or no point along the sexual and gender continuum) and issues dealing with relationship difficulties, chronic trauma and abuse, intimacy challenges, depression, anxiety, Asperger and  Autism spectrum, religious trauma, ADHD related symptoms, and dissociative related disorders.  I find that exploring in a detailed way, our formative and developmental experiences, primarily related to attachment, allows one to identify and understand  longstanding themes and patterns in emotions, behaviors, thoughts and relationships. Exploring concepts such as personality, motivation and environment, habit and sensorimotor function opens the door to  greater insights and richer self understanding. With these discoveries, one can live more fully in the present, having extricated oneself from the grip of past hurts. My therapy style is first and foremost non-judgemental and safe. I believe in a clinical yet casual approach that is both detailed and relaxed and while I employ various modalities of treatment, I believe the most beneficial to be the therapeutic relationship.  I look forward to working with you wherever it is you find yourself in your journey.