Annie Wolff

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Annie Wolff, LCSW graduated with her BSW in 2011 and her MSW in 2014. Annie has practiced at several locations in Las Vegas and has worked for Live Happy Counseling since January 2021. Annie sees clients on telehealth only. 
Everyone needs someone on their side, a witness to their journey. I am willing to be that someone.
I have interests in life transitions, trauma, mood disorders, LGTBQ + issues, depression, anxiety and grief. I am a certified grief therapist. People experience grief with loss of job, loss of ability, loss of health, loss to addiction, loss of relationships. It is something no one can avoid. I can be there for you and help you to navigate to the other side.
If no one else has told you lately, I will: you are not alone. It takes courage to reach out for help.