Kai Debecker

Marriage and Family Therapy - Intern

Change isn’t a matter of becoming someone new; change is about getting to know yourself better. It’s common to feel trapped by our thoughts and emotions. As a result, we tend to avoid them because anything is better than overthinking or feeling miserable. While the mind is powerful, it’s far from perfect. In all of its efforts to protect and inform us, we would rather it didn’t.

However, until we take the time to ask ‘why’ we feel the way we do, we can’t change ‘how’. Allow me to help you get to know yourself in ways that feel less like a struggle, and more like a conversation. Chances are you don’t need to change, the relationship with yourself needs to change.

I offer services through a variety of cognitive-based and emotions-focused therapy models to help individuals, couples, and families embrace change with compassion and confidence. While my therapeutic scope is inclusive of all demographics, my passion is working with gender-nonconforming and transgender populations who feel stuck and are ready for something new.