Diane Davis

Clinical Professional Counselor Intern
Diane Davis is a Clinical Professional Counselor Intern and Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist practicing in Las Vegas, NV.
As we go through the stressors of daily life, it is easy to become disconnected from ourselves. It can be difficult to find the words to talk about distressing events or emotions. I recognize that seeking therapy takes courage and is an act of self-love. Prior to becoming a mental health professional, I spent years performing, working in daycare settings, and as a dance educator in the public school system. These experiences led me to realize the potential that movement has for improving mental health and healing. I felt drawn to pursue a career in mental health counseling and dance/movement therapy to help individuals find happiness in their lives and feel seen and heard. As a Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist, I offer my clients the option of incorporating movement, music, and art into the counseling process as an additional way to process challenging emotions. This approach can help people of all ages and abilities find peace in their own bodies, experience a range of emotions, and find joy.
I believe in meeting clients where they are at and catering each session to the needs of the individual.  Incorporating dance and movement into your session is completely optional and is based on an individual’s personal preference and therapeutic goals. I take a person-centered approach during sessions and incorporate empathy and validation into my work. I specialize in working with older adults, individuals living with dementia, caregivers of older adults, teachers/educators, dancers, individuals going through career changes, anxiety, depression, body image and self-esteem issues. I provide both individual and group therapy.