August Acuna

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Often times I am asked what my ideal client is. In reality, my goal is just to be someone’s ideal source of support and empowerment. Navigating the world has always been difficult for anyone especially for marginalized people. How can you become your true authentic self? How do you cope with everyday issues and learn self-love through your mistakes? Life is a complicated journey but having guidance to discover YOUR path can give you hope to reach your goals.

I give my clients the safe space to be themselves and help them build the confidence they deserve. I work primarily with adult individuals (18+) and Queer couples. I have a passion in working with Sexual and Gender minorities.

I use a combination of Narrative therapy and Solution-Focused therapy in where I collaborate with you on taking control of your narrative and focusing on solutions. I am here to provide you a safe and accepting space with a lot of added humor. If you are ready to become the TRU YOU, contact me today.