Sheryl Giordano


Sheryl Giordano is a psychiatric and family nurse practitioner in practice for over 19 years. She specializes in working with young children to geriatrics.

Sheryl has been in the medical field for over 37 years serving patients with a unique style of dedication, humor and partnership. She has been dedicated to helping patients live their best life. Working as a team, Sheryl will partner with an individual to identify, collaborate and help one to reach their goal of wellness while improving overall well-being.

Sheryl is particularly interested in helping those effected by depression, anxiety and dealing with everyday life struggles. While therapeutic measures are strongly supported and encouraged, sometimes medication management is necessary. Sheryl can help individuals and families navigate thru this challenge. Especially those who face issues with anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders and other daily struggles. Treatment is always individualized and medication management is based on practice guidelines. If unsure about medications, we can navigate the options of improved well-being together.