La Toya Wilkerson

LPC Intern, MS, CPC-I

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, upset, scared, angry, or feeling out of control. Therapy can be used as a vehicle to help you recover from difficult issues. Attending therapy can evoke feelings of uncertainty, a fear of sharing personal information, and a book stack of positive and negative thoughts. In fact, it is normal to have these concerns. The best therapy outcomes that I have found to enjoy are ones with individuals who are open, honest, willing to try activities, and just allowing themselves to make the journey toward peace of mind.

I offer psychotherapy, client focused therapy, Mindfulness Meditation Relaxation, Aroma therapy sessions, Energy therapy, and Emotional Release Sessions, to relieve deep rooted and everyday stress. After the first 8 sessions, vouchers are available for a free Energy Therapy, Mindfulness/Relaxation, Emotional Release or Aroma therapy, ect.

You will not be alone in your struggle. I can provide you with a safe environment that is focused towards enhancing the quality of life for children, adolescence, and adults. Allow yourself to breathe relax and release by sighing up today.